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Increase in Xarelto sales linked to doctor with financial ties to drug manufacturer

September 5th, 2015

Sales of anti-bleeding drug Xarelto have increased recently thanks in large part to a doctor who has a history of receiving payments from Bayer HealthCare and other anticoagulant drug manufacturers. British heart doctor Gregory Lip has worked as a paid speaker and consultant to companies such as Bayer and received payments from 12 companies since 2006.

Lip was reportedly at the center of a panel that changed recommendation guidelines for drugs like Xarelto. The panel’s recommendations changed the definition of a patient who needs an anticoagulant, increasing the number from 3.7 million Americans to 4.7 million overnight.

Independent consultants fear that the panel fronted by Lip created guidelines that will result in patients who don’t need anticoagulants receiving them. These drugs could result in anticoagulant side effects as well, such as excessive bleeding and strokes. More than 183 deaths have been directly linked to Xarelto, and thousands of patients have complained of Xarelto side effects, many of which required hospitalization.


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