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Canada reviews link between Xarelto and liver complications

November 30th, 2015

Canadian health agency Health Canada launched a Xarelto investigation after 16 reports of liver damage related to the blood-thinning drug. At least 61 Canadian patients reported Xarelto liver damage and the World Health Organizations reported more than 430 cases of adverse events related to the liver and Xarelto use.

Due to incomplete information in the review, Health Canada could not establish a clear link between the cases of Xarelto liver damage, but urged continued caution in using the anticoagulant. Xarelto is used to prevent blood clots and side effects related to blood clots but has been recently found to be associated with an increased risk of severe side effects.

Reported Xarelto side effects include deep vein thrombosis, stroke, heart attacks and internal hemorrhaging. Because the drug does not contain a natural antidote, bleeding events related to Xarelto are irreversible and potentially fatal without immediate medical intervention.


Health Canada


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